Sympathy Flowers Purple

Funeral or Sympathy flowers, in shades of purple, blue and white, wrapped subtly in cellophane to protect during delivery.

For this bouquet we select the freshest flowers and foliages of the season, and, leaving their stems quite long, wrap them in tissue, cellophane or florist wrapping paper, tying them with twine and finishing with a toning ribbon tie.

Flower varieties often used are oriental lilies, longi lilies, lizianthus, chrysanthemums, bloom chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, spray  carnations, statice, freesia, eryngium, hypericum berries, eucalyptus, ruscus, palm leaves, aspidistra leaves, twigs, steel grass, and bere grass.

The display does not contain water and is designed to be laid flat showing off all the blooms to perfection. Wrapping is kept to a minimum and is there for support mainly, allowing the flowers to be seen unobstructed.

Sympathy Flowers Purple

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