Hello in Pink

Say hello in style with this fabulous hand tied. Why not take the opportunity to be spontaneous and surprise them today with a stunning flower delivery by their local florist.

A hand-tied bouquet in water, in a box.

Your florist will choose the freshest flowers and foliage to create a hand-tied bunch, spiralling the stems and tying them before carefully wrapping them in tissue and cellophane. Water is added to a reservoir meaning the flowers are never without water and no further arrangeing is required by the recipient. We present the gift in a sturdy colour co-ordinated box vase to ensure that the flowers arrive in tip-top condition. The flowers may be left in their container for a few days or unwrapped and put into a vase or jug if preferred.

Flower varieties may include oriental lilies, longi lilies, lizianthus, roses, gypsophila, chrysanthemums, bloom chrysanthemums, freesia, carnations, spray carnations, statice, eucalyptus, ruscus, grivellia, aspidistra leaves, palm leaves and beregrass.

Hello in Pink

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