Extra Large White and Green Spray

A spray of flowers in shades of white and green.

Your florist will make you a beautiful arrangement called a “spray”, the freshest flowers of the season arranged into florist foam. The foam holds water meaning that your tribute will arrive at its destination in perfect condition. The shape is either a teardrop shape, tapering to a point at one end, or a diamond shape, with points at each end. This is both a traditional and natural looking display, with the flower stems being left a little bit longer than on say a wreath or posy style funeral arrangement.

Many varieties of flowers can be used, often including oriental lilies, longi lilies, lizianthus, roses, carnations, spray carnations, statice, wax flower, september flower, solidago, eryngium, hypericum berries, eucalyptus, ruscus, parviola, leather leaf, aspidistra leaves, palm leaves, twigs, pussy willow and bere grass strands.

This piece can be created up to a length of around 6', making it a true statement arrangement, and would normally consist of white oriental lilies, white roses, green chrysanthemum blooms, snap dragons, lizianthus and altromeria.

Extra Large White and Green Spray

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